EkoStep Puzzles


EkoStep puzzles` design is unique. They are intended for children at age 3. They are of educational character and will assist children while developing visual perception abilities.


After children are done playing, puzzles can be returned into the frame, which is designed in such a manner that it can stand by itself on the shelves in kids rooms and beautify their environment.


Stylized drawings of our puzzles are adapted to children`s perception, and so, our puzzles can help them overcome the first steps in drawing their surroundings easier.


A set contains 20 pieces, but since the puzzle is in one, and the drawing is linear, child must carefully and with help from the image finish the puzzle.


Dimensions of the puzzle: 25cm x 20cm, and dimensions with the frame: 28cm x 23cm.

Puzzles are designed in three different categories:

  • domestic animals (green colour) sheep, horse, cow, dog and cat
  • wild animals (red colour) tiger, elephant, lion and giraffe
  • means of transport (blue colour) bus, helicopter, car, tractor, train


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