EkoStep Blocks


EkoStep blocks are intended for children from ages 3-9. Their design makes them easy-appealing and children will gladly use them for playing and later they will learn first letters and numbers with them in an entertaining way.


Children who already know how to read can also play with the blocks, because with them they can discover new and entirely different meanings of words by the principle of changing one or more letters…


One set contains 20 blocks (edges 4,6cm), according to the repetition pattern:

  • consonants… x 2
  • vowels `e, i, o, u`… x 4
  • letter `a`… x 7
  • numbers `1-9`… x 3
  • number `0`… x 4
  • signs `+` and `-`… x 2
  • sign `=`… x 4


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